Vance Gilbert


Jazz for Little Jumpers with Sarah Gardner, 2015 Parents Choice Award Winner!

Jazz Pour Le Bebes - with Sarah Gardner, 2014 Parents Choice Award Winner!" 

The Red Album - Red Molly, 2014 

Hope - with Abbie Gardner, 2011 

Light In The Sky - with Red Molly, 2011 

James - with Red Molly, 2010 

The Constitution Jazz Band Plays Good Old Songs. 
 ©2008 www.OKOM.com 

Al Harrison and Friends: Live Dixieland Jazz Concert. 
©2007  www.regolconcerts.com 

From Monday On - www.mrkmusic.com - 2005 
With the Manhattan Rhythm Kings 

Nimes Meets New York - 2006 OKOM records. 
The Smith Street Society Jazz Band with guest cornetist Michel Bastide of the Hot Antics Jazz Band from France. 

Ground Hog’s Day - Okom #1051 

14 originals; 10 more great ‘20s songs. 
Click here to order! 

Something To Remember Me By - Okom records 

Dorothy Louden's last recording. With the Smith Street Society Jazz Band. 

My Craziest Dream - Abbie Gardner, 2004. 

The Bear Missed the Train - Okom #1420 

Ain’t No Sin - Okom #1421 

Smith Street Plays Jelly Roll - Okom #1422 

I’m Alabamy Bound - Okom #1423 

Take Me To the Land of Jazz - Okom #1424 

The classic Smith Street recordings, originally on vinyl disc, then cassette, now remastered on CD. 

 A Smith Street Christmas - Okom #1500 

Jingle Bells in Ob and other fun stuff. 

Down Under in New Orleans - Okom #???? 

With Australian Trevor Rippingale; soon to be released. 

Anytime - Blue Thumb Records #314 549 704-2 

Leon Redbone 

Whistling in the Wind - Private Music #82117-2 

Leon Redbone 

Bill Challis Goldkette Project - Circle Records,  New Orleans, LA 

Quality Shout - Stomp Off Records 

Two recordings with Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks. 

A Night At the Townhouse 

Balaban & Cats; available from Red Balaban. 

I’ll Be a Friend With Pleasure - FCJ #106 

With Wild Bill Davison. 

Fat Cat Wails - FCJ #125 

Bourbon St. Parade - FCJ #130 

With Wallace Davenport. 

The Spirit of Condon - FCJ #141 

With Wild Bill and Deane Kincaide. 

4 Trombones & Rhythm - FCJ #196 

Speigle, B. Allred, G. Masso. 

Johnson McRee’s recordings 

mostly live from Manassas Jazz Festivals. 

Django’s Music - Stash Records/ST253 

Mike Peters with Bob Wilber. 

Live From the Blue Note - Blue Note Records 

Early Ellington from Mike Peters’ New Yorkers. (Soon ? to be released...) 

ROCK and RAG Duets for all treble clef instruments 
  by Herb Gardner.   Belwin #19005074 400 

A book of highly challenging original duets, written in 2-part invention style, that can be played as regular jazz tunes with chord changes included. Songs: 

Big Brother Stomp 
Tea and Crombones 
These Are The Good Old Days 
Quasi Horn Involuntary 
Butter Pecan Rag 
Put Down 
Dancing In The Street 
Bait And Switch Rag 
Lumium Birds 
Stilskin Ramble 
Big Sam 
Rush Hour Boogie 
Clearwater Rag 
That Lonely Day 

Check out the Herb Gardner page on the 
All Music Guide for more.