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Herb Gardner
Ground Hog’s Day
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Smith Street Society

Smith Street Society
(God Help These Merry Gents)
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CDs are $15.00 + $1.50 s/h each.

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Herb Gardner
14 South Rigaud Rd.
Spring Valley, NY 10977-2536


Herb’s debut solo album, Ground Hog’s Day, includes 14 originals and 10 great ‘20s songs on CD... over 60 minutes of music featuring:

  • Herb Gardner - trombone, vocals, keyboard, percussion
  • Bruce McNicholas - banjo, guitar, vocals, soprano sax
  • Joe Licari - clarinet
  • Dick Voight - piano
  • Barbara Dreiwitz - tuba
  • Rocco Patierno - trombone
  • Noel Kaletsky - soprano sax
  • Dick Dreiwitz - trombone
  • Hank Ross - piano
  • Chicken Joe Hanchrow - tuba, bass
  • Mike Peters - banjo
  • Vince Giordano - drums
  • Lynne McNichols - vocals

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This is happy music. It’s Christmas music done in a flamboyant Dixie style that makes it sound like a joyous time of year. You’ll get a chuckle out of some of these unusual treatments of familiar songs and want to play this over and over again.

In spite of the questionable titles on the back cover, these are mostly holiday songs you’ve heard since you were young but never quite this way.

  1. Merry Gents: Traditional carol done as traditional jazz.
  2. Jobingoble Bobells: Remember this language?
  3. Home For The Holidays: A romping, stomping version.
  4. Bullfrog: An obscure pun, but a great carol.
  5. Mommy Kissing Santa: Sung by Bruce McNichols.
  6. Midnight Clear: Lots of low brass.
  7. Silver Bells: The lush sounds get theirs.
  8. Christmas Waltz: Featuring Herb’s “Quasi Horn”.
  9. Santa Claus Is Coming:The vocal trio.
  10. White Christmas: Sung by Lynne with trombone choir.
  11. Purple Grotto: Written by Herb for Jazzbeaux Collins.
  12. Littleton:   Another traditional with brass and organ.
  13. Jingle Bell Rock: Vocal by Bruce.
  14. Kinks:   Joe’s Royal Tuba with organ.
  15. Have Yourself: Vocal by Herb.
  16. Rudolph: Everybody’s favorite, sung by the trio.
  17. Chesnuts: Another Lynne vocal with trombone choir.
  18. Dektols: Medieval brass and organ.
  19. Christmastime Is Here: The softer side of Smith Street.
  20. Winter Wonderland: Vocal trio at it again.
  21. Reindeer On The Rooftops: Another Herb original.
  22. Gloves To Keep Me Warm: Hard-driving jazz.
  23. Wayna: One more for the brass.
  24. Sleigh Ride: And what a fun ride it’s been!


  • Bruce McNichols - Banjo, guitar, symphonette, vocals.
  • Lynne McNichols - Vocals.
  • Chicken Joe Hanchrow - Tuba, bass.
  • Herb Gardner - Trombone, keyboards, drums, quasi-horn, vocals.
  • On track #21 add Benny Ventura - trumpet, Dick Rath - trombone,  Bob Haggart Jr. - drums and “Deacon Jim” Lawyer - banjo.

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